Robert Henrey. The Foolish Decade. London: J. M. Dent & Sons, 1945.

Fictionalised personal memoir, not included in the official canon.

Reviewed Daily Herald, July 25 1945, p. 2; Daily Telegraph, August 6 1945, p. 3; Tatler, August 15 1945, p. 26; Scotsman, August 16 1945, p. 7; Observer, August 26 1945, p. 3; Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, August 27 1945, p. 2; Times Literary Supplement, September 15 1945, p. 10.

The Foolish Decade ran to 156 pp. (c. 60K words) with twenty-one chapters, twenty-seven scene breaks, and eighteen black and white illustrations in a single sixteen-page signature between pp. 90 and 91. The photographs are credited to Eduard Mandinian and others. The first picture (commissioned from Mandinian) shows Mé with Bobby on the bombed site of Stacey Street. There’s also a caricature of Mé on the Golden Arrow by Fernando Autori, whom the Henreys met with Chaliapin in their newspaper days.