Robert Henrey. The Return to the Farm. London: Peter Davies, 1947.

Second farm story, not included as such in the official canon.

Rewritten as part of Madeleine Young Wife (1954, 1960). Reviewed Times Literary Supplement, February 15 1947, p. 5; Observer, March 9 1947, p. 3; Tatler, March 26 1947, p. 25.

The Return to the Farm ran to 173 pp. (prelims included) Demy 8vo (c. 67K words) and was bound in orange cloth with gilt italic titling on the spine. A sixteen-page signature containing twenty uncredited black and white photographs was placed between pp. 48 and 49. The images captioned with quotes from the text like those in A Farm in Normandy represent local scenes and people, apart from the last one showing a page from Ouest-France dated 5 September 1945 reporting the Goguet trial. The green end paper map (front and back) was drawn and illustrated in the same style as before by D. L. Ghilchik. The jacket bore a mosaic of four black and white photographs of the farm with a red title panel top right. The text is divided into nine chapters with thirty-six scene breaks. This high ratio of breaks is a reflection of the degree of fragmentation of the book’s timeline and perspective linked to Mé’s daily writing stints.