Madeleine Henrey. Green Leaves; and, London Under Fire 1940–45. London: J. M. Dent & Sons, 1982.

Two-in-one reissue. Incorporates Green Leaves (Dent 1976), with a Foreword, and London Under Fire 1940-45 (Dent 1969), with an Introduction.

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Biddles reprinted the original Demy 8vo pages from photographic reproductions, using cheap stiff white offset paper. Unfortunately, someone cocked up the layout, producing an editorial mess that Bob would never have tolerated. Instead of being placed after the title page of Green Leaves, the Foreword mistakenly appeared at the head of the combined volume on unnumbered pages, followed by the original text of Green Leaves. On what should have been page 197 a new title page appeared, imprint and all—unnumbered, of course—followed by the contents list and epigraph from the 1969 omnibus London Under Fire 1940–45. To add to the mess, the new Introduction on unnumbered pages was followed by the text of the first edition unaltered except for the page numbers starting at nine. This meant that there was a discrepancy of four between the page numbers of the two editions, and that the final page of the combined volume, which should have been page 448, was numbered 251. The re-paginated signatures were bound in green cloth boards with gilt spine titling at Biddles’s newly acquired bindery at Kings Lynn, Dent’s splendid old machines at Letchworth having finally been disposed of.