Robert Henrey. The Incredible City. London: J. M. Dent & Sons, 1944.

Second London war story, not included as such in the official canon.

Rewritten as part of Madeleine Young Wife (1954, 1960).

Reviewed Birmingham Daily Post, June 13 1944, p. 2; Observer, June 18 1944, p. 3; Manchester Guardian, June 21 1944, p. 3; Times Literary Supplement, July 1 1944, p. 8; Tatler, July 5 1944, p. 24; Scotsman, July 6 1944, p. 7.

The Incredible City ran to 195 pp. Demy 8vo (c. 76K words) with twenty-four chapters and twenty-seven scene breaks. Eighteen double-sided black and white plates are grouped at the end of the book. The orange end papers represent Mayfair with ‘Our Flat’ (front) and the three West End parks (back). The jacket reproducing the scrapbook map design of A Village in Piccadilly’s jacket contains cropped photographs drawn from the new set of plates.