Mrs Robert Henrey. Wednesday at Four. London: J. M. Dent & Sons, 1964.

Included in the official canon, glossed ‘(tea with the Queen and a visit to Moscow)’.

Twelfth item in ‘Mrs Robert Henrey’s autobiographical sequence in chronological order’.

Reviewed Guardian, September 4 1964, p. 9; Tatler, September 9 1964, p. 42; Illustrated London News, September 19 1964, p. 45; Times Literary Supplement, October 15 1964, p. 6; Tewkesbury Register, and Agricultural Gazette, November 13 1964, p. 3.

Wednesday at Four ran to 251 pp. Demy 8vo (c. 104K words) price 25s. bound in black cloth boards with gilt spine titles. There are sixteen chapters with eighty-nine scene breaks. On the jacket front, the top two-thirds are white with the title in black italics under a half-tone portrait of the authoress speaking with raised hands holding a fountain pen, while the bottom third is red with white lower-case sub-title and upper-case author name in Garamond roman. The jacket back reproduces the ‘Critics all over the world...’ puff.