Mrs Robert Henrey. Madeleine’s Journal. London: J. M. Dent & Sons, 1953.

First ‘contemporary diary’, not included in the official canon.

Reissued by Non-Fiction Book Club, 1954.

Reviewed Tatler, September 16 1953, p. 26; Sphere, September 26 1953, p. 38; Truth, October 9 1953, p. 26; Spectator, November 20 1953, p. 46.

Madeleine’s Journal ran to 295 pp. Demy 8vo price 16s. with eighty-seven scene breaks, a number of long conversations and a fistful of letters quoted verbatim. The jacket and title page contained an uncredited line and wash fashion sketch signed undecipherably (‘S. Maita’ ?). It seems to have pleased the authoress, as somewhat similar sketches of her in fashion poses would appear later on the covers of Dent’s hardback and paperback editions of Mistress of Myself and The Dream Makers.