Mrs Robert Henrey. A Girl at Twenty: Six Months in the Life of the Young Madeleine. London: J. M. Dent & Sons, 1974.

Included in the official canon, glossed ‘(she works in Coventry Street)’.

Fourth item in ‘Mrs Robert Henrey’s autobiographical sequence in chronological order’.

Reviewed Birmingham Daily Post, June 15 1974, p. 28.

A Girl at Twenty ran to 224 pp. Demy 8vo (c. 88K words), price £3.25, with nine chapters and fifty-two scene breaks. The background of the jacket front and back is orange with black text. The usual ‘Critics all over the world…’ puff occupies the back.The jacket front—similar to the overall cover design for An Exile in Soho—bears a 123 mm diameter watercolour medallion by Phyllis Ginger (drawn from a photograph) showing Mé standing in front of Piccadilly Circus in 1926, in the actual dress she wore. It seems a lot of trouble was taken to find a photograph of the Circus without the statue of Eros, which had been removed during work on the new Tube station. Bob wrote to Bobby: ‘It is a wonderful likeness of her and I love it.’