Mrs Robert Henrey. A Daughter for a Fortnight. London: J. M. Dent & Sons, 1957.

Third ‘contemporary diary’, not included in the official canon.

Reviewed Sphere, September 28 1957, p. 36; Tatler, October 2 1957, p. 35.

A Daughter for a Fortnight ran to 202 pp. Demy 8vo (c. 63K words) bound in black cloth boards with gilt spine titling. The jacket was daughter pink with blue lettering and a white mirror frame on the front, while the back and back flap boasted a list (with review quotes) of the twelve previous ‘books by Mrs Henrey’ on sale from Dent. According to this list The Little Madeleine was in its fourth impression, An Exile in Soho in its second, Madeleine Grown Up in its third, London in its fifth, Paloma in the second impression of the ‘cheaper edition’ at 7s. 6d., while A Journey to Vienna was (rather surprisingly) available in a ‘cheaper edition’ too at 8s. 6d., probably mistaken by the punters for a pocket guide now that the borders were open again and the tourist travel allowance had been increased to £100 per year.