Mrs Robert Henrey. Philippa. London: J. M. Dent & Sons, 1949.

Second novel, story of a country girl, not included in the official canon.

Reviewed Times Literary Supplement, July 1 1949, p. 5; Tatler, July 6 1949, p. 28 (announcement with photo); Western Mail, July 13 1949, p. 4; Aberdeen Press and Journal, July 23 1949, p. 2; Western Morning News, July 1949; Illustrated London News, August 27 6 1949, p. 29; Tatler, August 24 1949, p. 30.

Philippa ran to 316 pp. Sm. 8vo (c. 94K words), price 9s. 6d., with twenty-seven chapters and forty-three scene breaks. The unsigned jacket represents the young lovers in a watercolour impression of the novel’s village setting. This setting was apparently inspired by the vestiges of ancient Littleton Park on the site of Shepperton Studios in 1947.