Robert Henrey. The King of Brentford. London: Peter Davies, 1946.

Third ancestry memoir, not included in the official canon.

Reviewed Observer, October 6 1946, p. 3; Times Literary Supplement, October 12 1946, p. 7; Tatler, October 30 1946, p. 24.

The King of Brentford ran to 176 pp. Demy 8vo (c. 71K words), seventeen chapters with twenty-six scene breaks. Eighteen black and white illustrations are placed between pp. 48 and 49 representing sites captioned with short quotations from the text. The front and back end papers show an identical freehand map in green of Brentford from the Great West Road to Kew Gardens and the Thames from Strand on the Green to Twickenham by D. L. Ghilchik (the artist of A Farm in Normandy), who also drew the jacket in the manner of a Georgian print representing Pope's villa at Twickenham seen across the river.